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It is a great opportunity to suggest the very first idea!

Take a moment and think, what would you like to have around some day? Maybe a parking lot near your favourite cafe? Or a bridge across the river, so you don't waste hours getting to work? Hey, what about an amusement park? Think huge, the sky is the limit!

To start off, simply click somewhere on the map, pick a place and describe your brilliant plan.

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Let people know what this website is all about.

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Look and feel

Set up your logo, custom map tiles and stuff.

  • Logo requirements: transparent background, height – 50 px, width – up to 200px. Don't forget to add some paddings at the top and bottom.

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User permissions

Specify what users can and can not do on this layer.

Sharing & Social

You can add related links that will appear in the main menu (facebook or twitter pages, blog, etc.).

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Third-party services

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